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Here you can find all details about an individual french tutoring i.e. private teaching, help with homework, exam preparation, also language services for companies. I offer help at all levels.

About me

A graduate of the Jagiellonian University (Romance studies, Master's degree, 2006).

Tutoring and translation

Homeschooling is the most flexible and diverse educational option available today. I am a qualified language teacher with experience tutoring adults and children in French.

General language courses

Learn French before going to France or French-speaking countries

Classes are prepared especially for people who plan to go to France or French-speaking countries on a private or business trip

Learning French via Skype

French for Business


Individual tutoring
No. of persons60 min
1 personne40 PLN
French for companies
Individual price adjustment.
Prices are negotiable if meetings are longer than 120 minutes a week.
VAT invoice. Prices include all taxes.


Not available yet.

Contact information

cell phone: +48 693 038 140
home phone: +48 12 443 1919
skype: lukasik_joanna

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Do you know that...?

"La Marseillaise", national anthem of France, is a song written in Strasbourg.